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Latest Release ~ Another World – Original Relaxing Piano Music

If you’re looking to create a relaxing environment in your spa or your home, check out our selection of relaxing piano music CDs where you will find music to calm your mind, relax your body and sooth your soul.

Soft piano and instrumental music that is excellent for massage, yoga, meditation, sleeping or just relaxation.  Need stress relief?  When you’re stressed put on some relaxing piano music by Sharon and you will feel the difference in moments.

Each CD is approximately one hour in length.  Sharon’s music is used by massage therapists, yoga instructors and many others just for relaxation and sleeping.  It really works!  Check out the reviews and testimonies of Sharon’s music.

Listen and download the latest albums below.  Both Another World and Heartstrings are available to download and purchase CDs here at North Country Studios.  You can also download on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby (see the links below) or check out the discography page for all selections.



There are 26 albums available for meditation, relaxation, massage, yoga, reiki, sleeping, or for background music.  Listen Now!  Digital downloads and physical CDs are available.

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  • Beverly

    Hi! My husband and I are both looking forward to enjoying these two as much as we are enjoying the one we already have. My husband jokingly said "I wonder how many times you can play a CD before it wears out", we have been playing it so much. Hope you have a nice and successful weekend in Midland! Thanks again

  • “Snowy Morning” from A North Country Christmas

    Delicate and delightful...
    As soon as this started I could see those pretty little snowflakes fluttering down...I love the snow and we just don't get enough in England, so when Christmas comes (and I'm dreaming of a white one!!) I'll play this and just imagine those flakes dancing and whirling around outside transforming this grey old world into a pure and magical, quiet and serene perfect one!!! Thank-you.

  • “Reflections” from Tranquility Collection

    Another wonderful piece
    You really have a knack for producing beautiful musical landscapes that have a very pure, innocent quality to them - or maybe that's just what it elicits in me. Regardless, lovely piano work; sometimes I listen to pretty right-hand melody, other times I just immerse myself in the ascending/descending arpeggios of the left hand part as it compliments with the strings. The flute works nicely here too, and as a counter melody in many places. If you haven't done so already, you should definitely send this to film/TV production companies - would be great for soundtracks, and I mean that as a compliment as this kind of music is not at all easy to produce. Well done!

  • “Prelude in C” from Morning Light

    This is a very sensitive and beautiful arrangement of Bach's Prelude in C, an already brilliantly moving piece of music. Nice treatment of Bach and great depth of expression. Great performance!

  • “Gently” from Night Songs

    I have said it before and I'll say it again...you are truly a master at this type of reflective music...inspired by the creator and arranged for all to hear and find inner peace. Thank you for all that you do...this world needs more artists like you.

  • “A Mother’s Love” from Message Of Love

    Heavenly playing on those piano keys. Like a grown up music box. The violins are nice and the feeling of calm comes over me as i listen. I can just drift and feel whatever i need. A touching tribute.

  • “Somewhere” from Beyond Time

    Nice movements, very beautiful and deliberate. Love the under current which evokes a classical feel to this neoclassical piece. Warm production with little touches of brightness just enough to balance the piece. Very suitable for a romantic soundtrack or an 'ah ha' moment in a script. Reflective and elevating at the same time. Not a minor accomplishment to be sure, but carried off effortlessly. An entire CD of this would not be enough. While there is a searching quality to the melody, it is a deliberate search. Purposeful as good compositions should be. The feeling is that the piece reflects a specific, attainable 'somewhere.' One within the sharp vision of the composer. Gives the listener a peaceful acceptance of the music. Very inviting music indeed.

  • “Angel Eyes” from Beyond Time

    I love the flow of the melody which takes interesting but smooth directions in painting a picture for the listener. Excellent support for this is the underpinning arpeggios which ground the piece nicely. A well composed and deftly performed track which shows a talent for expressive playing within the frame work of a nicely constructed theme. Very good work.

  • Bonnie

    Sharon, I enjoy your CDs so much. It's a wonder they haven't worn out. I think 'The Message of Love' still touches me most. I am looking forward to the 2 new ones and I'm sure I'll be ordering more later. Thank you

  • Customer

    Dear Sharon Drury, I'm sitting at my home listening to the most beautiful music I've ever heard. I purchased two of your CDs 'Morning Light' and 'A Message of Love' at a festival in Michigan. You and your husband had a booth at a craft festival, playing your music...I walked away with tears in my eyes, it was so beautiful. I would like to purchase some more CDs. Please send me a list of your work. I would be so grateful.

  • Ruth

    After purchasing Christmas Past and Morning Light, I must say YOU are now my favorite artist to relax to. I've never had a CD touch me at my core like your music does. I couldn't wait to get back to the hotel to relax and thought I'd listen to your music while reading. Song after song just seemed to envelop me - I could almost feel like I was being wrapped up in a tender, soothing hug. I've NEVER had music do that to me before. Actually I've NEVER even felt so moved to let an artist know how much I enjoy their music before either. I felt such love in each stroke of the piano keys - so crisp and clear - not muddled at all or overshadowed by other instruments.

  • Kelly Hudson

    For those of you reading this & trying to decide if you want to make a purchase, my opinion is that it will be the best money you ever spend and that you absolutely won’t regret it! Sharon isn’t just a talented musician, she is a gifted one. Whether you want to relax, sleep, remove the stress of work, or connect more closely with Spirit, Sharon’s work will help you get there!
    I plan on buying the full set for my daughter once she starts her massage therapy practice because I know she and her clients will love it! Besides, buying the set is just so much easier than trying to pick a favorite!


  • Kim Loftis

    If you desire to experience deep love, gentle comfort, healing for your heart or inspiration for your spirit, Sharon's music should be front and center in your collection. She is an artist of the highest caliber, and her music is Heaven sent. Purchase her CD's, and I promise you that they'll become some of your most cherished treasures.

Relaxing Piano Music CDs

If you’re looking to create a relaxing environment in your spa or your home, check out our selection of relaxing piano music CDs where you will find music to calm your mind, relax your body and soothe your soul.

This profoundly calming selection of Relaxing Music CDs will help you relax, rejuvenate and heal.

The rich elegance of our Piano Music CDs will offer a touch of comfort and class to both original and traditional compositions alike.

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  • Tranquility Collection album back cover

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  • Sunshine and Shade Meditation Piano Music album back cover

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  • Somewhere in Time album back cover

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    A Message of Love back cover

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    Woodland Fantasies back cover

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  • My America Patriotic piano music album back cover

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