Beyond Time – Original Ambient Piano Music Digital Download


Ambient Dreamy Relaxation Music Instrumentals New Age Piano Music and Original Ambient Piano Music to relax and sooth.
Take a journey beyond time to a place of wonder and beauty with this ambient New Age piano music designed to soothe your mind and body.
Leave this world behind and travel on a visionary journey of what eternity and the celestial might encompass.
Release 3/15/2004
Primary Genre: New Age
Primary Subgenre: Ambient
Secondary Genre: Classical
Secondary Subgenre: New Age
New Age Instrumental
Mood: Instrumental
Artist sounds like
Enya, Vangelis, Yanni


Beyond Time – Original Ambient Piano Music Digital Download

Review of “Angel Eyes” from “Beyond Time”
Beautiful tune
This track reminded me immediately of “Watermark”…same mood, although the melody is different. The quality of the recording is very good and the melody is really pleasant. A great New Age tune!
Paul Nery classic and progressive rock, new age and world music composer, musician from Brazil.

Review of “Angel Eyes” from “Beyond Time”
I love the flow of the melody which takes interesting but smooth directions in painting a picture for the listener. Excellent support for this is the underpinning arpeggios which ground the piece nicely. A well composed and deftly performed track which shows a talent for expressive playing within the frame work of a nicely constructed theme. Very good work.
Review by Ed Drury multi instrumentalist, composer, teacher, instrument maker and author.

Review of “Somewhere” from “Beyond Time”
Nice movements, very beautiful and deliberate. Love the under current which evokes a classical feel to this neoclassical piece. Warm production with little touches of brightness just enough to balance the piece. Very suitable for a romantic soundtrack or an ‘ahha’ moment in a script. Reflective and elevating at the same time. Not a minor accomplishment to be sure, but carried off effortlessly. An entire CD of this would not be enough. While there is a searching quality to the melody, it is a deliberate search. Purposeful as good compositions should be. The feeling is that the piece reflects a specific, attainable ‘somewhere.’ One within the sharp vision of the composer. Gives the listener a peaceful acceptance of the music. Very inviting music indeed.
Review by Ed Drury multi instrumentalist, composer, teacher, instrument maker and author.

Review of “Celestial Dance” from “Beyond Time”
Very uplifting performance. The keys just dance and swirl in unpredictable patterns of beauty. Glorious vocal pads, well choosen deepen the harmonic content of the tidal flow of eighth notes by the left hand, while the right hand dances lightly through the melody. Wonderful stuff. Review by Ed Drury multi instrumentalist, composer, teacher, instrument maker and author.

Review of “Celestial Dance” from “Beyond Time”
As we are approaching the hour of ascension in the next coming years, I believe we will be united with the loved ones too and this day will be the eternity of humanity as well. PRODUCTION :- Never doubt in her production quality, every track delivers a passion of professionalism in it. Great work of sound scape and talented skills. MELODY :- This flows like the wind of love and as it rides in the air, it bursts out the most wonderful mellowness in the tune. This is the seed of love and the seed of the universe. MUSIC :- The passion of Sharon Drury is a very rare one in the music world and perhaps this is her trademark of unsurpassed classical music in its finest and greatest height. I love the female choir and could you spare me some please? OUPUT :- * 4 X * A SONG OF UNITY!!! * PASSIONABLY RECOMMENDED!!
Review by Piperon new age, soundtrack composer from Singapore

Review of “Celestial Dance” from “Beyond Time”
I found it too!
And sure glad I did. It seems you have so many great songs, that people can’t keep up!! Including me! But better late than never right?? Another stunningly beautiful piece, perfect piano melodies and pip is right, that choir is heavenly 🙂
Review by Valkir New Age instrumental guitar and synth based music composer

Review of “The Vision” from “Beyond Time”
Wow, the album title “Beyond Time” is already so catchy and the track “The Vision” is definitely very inspiring. You are sure to have imprinted the most memorable words into our mind then. PRODUCTION :- First-class professional production with a clear and clean sound quality. Definitely the ELITE of a talented instrumentalist. MELODY :- A fine and inspiring melody line with superb composition which gives the listener a well deserved feast. For me, you are never lost in this music because it really gives me the inspiration and encouragement to continue my work. Thanks Sharon. MUSIC :- Fantastic piano fiesta and melodious strings ensemble. A work of unsurpassed melody charm. Listening to this music really brings me to another world, a world of serenity and a world beyond time. OUTPUT :- 4 X !!!! FABULOUS STRING ENSEMBLE!!! SOULFULLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Review by Piperon new age, soundtrack composer and Pro-Reviewer from Singapore

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