Peace From Above – Relaxing Inspirational Piano Music CD


Inspirational Piano Music Favorite Inspirational Hymns.
A great mood enhancing, soothing, stress reduction album with soft piano. Good background music for scripture study.
Very soothing!
Release 7/15/2012
Primary Genre: Spiritual
Primary Subgenre: Hymns
Secondary Genre: Spiritual
Secondary Subgenre: Inspirational
Mood: Featuring Piano
Artist sounds like: David Lanz, George Winston, Kevin Karn


Peace From Above – Relaxing Inspirational Piano Music CD

Peace From Above – Relaxing Inspirational Piano Music CD testimonial by Kelly Hudson – www.empowermentsanctuary.com
I’ve been building a rather large website for a little while now, and it’s been an educational, but frustrating experience. Ever since I got your music collection, it’s been so much easier on me! Whenever I sit down to work on the site, I pop in one of your CDs, put on my headphones, and get to work! I am better able to concentrate, stay focused, and remain completely relaxed for the many hours I spend working on the site.
I also use it for meditation, and I tell you, when I put on my head phones and close my eyes, my Spirit is quite literally transported to a whole other space after just the first few notes. My blood pressure is down, I sleep more restfully, and have more energy during my waking hours.
When I’m writing and your music is playing, I feel so inspired and the words just flow onto the page with very little effort. Your music has positively impacted so many areas of my life and I thank you for that 🙂
For those of you reading this & trying to decide if you want to make a purchase, my opinion is that it will be the best money you ever spend and that you absolutely won’t regret it! Sharon isn’t just a talented musician, she is a gifted one. Whether you want to relax, sleep, remove the stress of work, or connect more closely with Spirit, Sharon’s work will help you get there!
I plan on buying the full set for my daughter once she starts her massage therapy practice because I know she and her clients will love it! Besides, buying the set is just so much easier than trying to pick a favorite!

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