Golden Gleams of Light – Original Relaxing Piano Music CD


Meditation Piano Music | Golden Gleams Of Light
Meditation Piano Music CD Original piano music by Sharon Drury.
Relaxation Music New Age Solo Piano Music
Release 6/1/2011
Primary Genre: New Age
Primary Subgenre: Meditation
Secondary genre: New Age
Secondary subgenre: Contemporary Instrumental
New Age Instrumental
Mood: Featuring Piano
Artist sounds like:  David Lanz, George Winston, Yanni


“This is my favorite album now!

“Soft Melodic Piano and Instrumental Music”
These relaxing music compositions are woven together with ambient instrumental and PIANO arrangements to enhance relaxation. Excellent for meditation, massage, yoga, reiki, very healing. Original compositions by Sharon.

Like a sudden ray of sunshine On a dark and cloudy day May you find a world of treasures As you walk along life’s way.

Golden Gleams of Light 5:18
Violet Flames 5:18
Watch Fires 6:08
Light After the Winter 9:57
Diamond Flashes 6:14
Focused Rays 6:29
Echoes 5:07
Reflections of Love 5:49
Moonbeams 6:17
Clustered Sparkles 6:55

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  1. Prelude Sharon Drury 1:00
  2. Morning Mood Sharon Drury 1:00
  3. The Perfect Day Sharon Drury 1:00
  4. Down To The River Sharon Drury 1:00
  5. Crystal Waters Sharon Drury 1:00
  6. The Dragonfly Sharon Drury 1:00
  7. Two Rivers Sharon Drury 1:00
  8. Anticipation Sharon Drury 1:00
  9. Approaching Storm Sharon Drury 1:00
  10. Between The Rapids Sharon Drury 1:00
  11. Moonrise Sharon Drury 1:00
  12. Consolation Sharon Drury 1:00
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